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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us more about the Full Day Documentary Album.
Our Full Day Documentary Album delivers the full recordings of the wedding day in 4K Resolution namely, the veiling of the bride, gatecrash, tea ceremonies, banquet march ins, solemnisation, speeches, stage games and toasting, to name a few that are not featured in great extent within the other packages unless our wedding couples opt for the add on of the raw footages that comes in a hard disk at an additional cost of $250.

The videographer will require a Laptop / Harddisk with at least 40GB of space for the transfer of the edited recordings after the last stage activity has ended.

There is no highlights video produced for this package only full recordings in 4K resolution are delivered.

To view the portfolio of how the recordings are like, please proceed to (drop us a message at 92778599 with your wedding date for the password.)

Tell us more about the Full Day Live Album.
Our Full Day Live Album delivers both the same day edit video and the full recordings of the stage activities of the wedding banquet namely, the march ins, stage games, speeches, stage games and toasting, to name a few that are not featured in great extent within the banquet highlights unless our wedding couple opt for the add on of the raw footages that comes in a hard disk at an additional cost of $250.

Any hours remaining from the morning session will be brought forward to the banquet live feed portion. The videographer assigned will require the contact person of the venue before the wedding day to find out the video input required for the video to be projected onto the projector screen that is provided by the venue.

Please inform the venue that you will need them to switch between the different inputs such as the childhood montage video / highlights video / looping pre-wedding video / wedding monogram from your laptop and instant photography projection from instant photographer vendor (if any) and our live video feed as our videographer will only be onsite to send the video signal to the venue.

Lastly, we will require a laptop with at least 20GB of space for the transfer of the recordings after the last stage activity has ended.

There is no banquet highlights produced for this package.

Tell us more about the Gatecrash Album.
As there is an ongoing demand for wedding highlights to be played during wedding lunch banquets, we are offering the gatecrash highlights to be offered to wedding couples at a low cost with a minimum of 4 hours of post production time. The video coverage will start from the arrival of the groom at the bride’s home till the end of the gatecrash when the groom kisses the bride. Have a look at our portfolio of Kevin and Joanna’s gatecrash album to have a feel of how your gatecrash album will be like. Please note that there will not be any coverage of the bridal preparations.

There will be no early hours surcharge nor extension of coverage for this service. Please note that the gatecrash highlights video will be delivered online in digital soft copy on the day of the wedding. No physical DVD will be provided.

Do you offer other packages? What about photography?
We like to keep things simple and fuss-free. Therefore we only offer what we feel most wedding couples need and want. We do not offer photography currently.
Do you offer a 2nd videographer?
In order to offer competitive rates and fast delivery time, we limit our packages by offering only 1 videographer. However our single videographer may operate more than 1 camera to make your wedding highlights a multi-cam production
Are you able to produce Same-Day-Edit (SDE) morning highlights for our lunch banquet if we engage you for the half day or full day album?
To ensure the quality of our highlights for both the half day and full day albums, we require minimum 6 hours of uninterrupted editing time. Hence our complimentary SDE service is only offered if your wedding program allows that. You may like to have a look at our offering of gatecrash highlights which we only require a minimum of 4 hours of uninterrupted editing time.
Can I choose the music I want for my video?
You will be provided with a list of licensed songs for your selection. If you prefer a song beyond our list, we are able to do that. You would need to obtain the license of the song for the usage license in the wedding video.
I require less than the number of hours prescribed in your packages. Is there any discount on the fees?
Prices of our packages are based on the entire production effort of producing the highlight clip. Duration of capture is only a small fraction of the entire production effort. Hence there is no change in price should your wedding program require less than the offered duration of coverage in our package.
How will the raw footage be like?
The raw footage will be the original production footage straight from the camera with zero editing treatment. As we have an eye to shoot like the movies, we’ll need to jump angles when we shoot a scene. Hence the raw production footage may contain shaky and less-than-optimum shots. Hard disk prices are falling by the day, hence we do not know the size of the hard disk that we’ll provide you. But you can be assured that it will be more than sufficient to store all the raw production footage capture at your wedding.
Do you work well with other photographers?
We work very well with any professional photographers. Experienced wedding photographers will be better appreciated because they’ll be more conscious of our presence.
Do we have to provide meals for you at the wedding banquet?
We do not require any meals if it is a dinner banquet with no same-day-edit morning highlights required to be produced. However should we need to cover more than 8 hours continuously, such as a wedding lunch, we do require that meal be provided.
We see that you provide high definition highlights file in mp4 format. Do you deliver in DVDs and/or Blueray discs?
We do not output to DVD/Bluray discs anymore as DVD/Bluray players have seen a decline in popularity in recent years. We will output your wedding highlights film in high definition h.264 media files (mp4 format). As we are going green for the environment, you will receive a link for the download of the mp4 file within 10 working days otherwise we will refund all your money back.

We also provide resolutions of 4K wedding videos. That is an upgrade / add-on to the existing packages except for the Full Day Documentary Album where we are delivering the wedding day footages in 4K resolution.

How do I go about booking your services? What is the payment structure like?
Just click on the contact tab and provide us with some information of your wedding so that we can check our availability. Should we be able to serve you, we’ll send you a confirmation agreement for acceptance. The total cost will be indicated in the agreement and a 50% deposit of the total cost will be required to complete the confirmation. Booking is deemed incomplete if the signed agreement and the 50% deposit are not both received. The balance of payment will be due on the wedding day..

Do I need to meet-up with you before I proceed to book you? What about before the wedding day?
No meet-up is required before you book us. Our portfolio works are available online for your viewing. If you need any clarification or discussion, we will love to give you a friendly phone call. 2 weeks before your wedding day, we will contact you and ask for your wedding itinerary. Any discussion will also be done over the phone or email.   

When can I expect to receive the final album after the wedding?
If you take up the Half-Day Album, we’ll be able to deliver the actual day SDE video in mp4 format the very same day for screening at your dinner banquet (delivery will be through a dropbox through a mobile phone which your groomsmen may transfer the file to the laptop to play). If you take up the Full-Day Album, the high definition mp4 file which consist of the actual day SDE and dinner highlights will be fully edited and sent to you via a link for download within 10 working days (Monday – Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) after your wedding event, guaranteed otherwise we will refund all your money back.