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Why Hire A Wedding Videographer In Singapore?

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Why Hire A Wedding Videographer In Singapore?

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A lot of people say, “I already have a photographer, what do I need a videographer for?” Most of us see wedding videography as added cost rather than a necessity. Why? It might be because film technology is often innovating. A good wedding movie now will look outdated in a few years while photos always remain classic. Or maybe they think no one really watches a video that long. Or they might simply think that getting captured in photos is already enough to preserve the memories of their wedding.

But nothing beats the beauty of viewing the day you said “I do’s” in motion. Long after the gifts had been opened and the flowers already wilted, the memories of your wedding will be seen, heard and relived vividly by you. Here are some more reasons why a videographer is a must on your wedding.

  1. Star on your own movie. Who haven’t dreamed of being in the limelight? This is your chance to have the spotlight on you, everybody toasting to your good health and fortune, and a gorgeous man whom you love by your side. Capture this magical moment of your life on film so you get to watch the romantic movie you starred yourself in anytime.

  2. See 70% of the happenings you missed. You will be surprised how a lot of things happen while you are preparing for the wedding. Brides and grooms miss as much as 70% (or even more) of everything that goes around the church and their wedding reception. They fail to see how the venue is being set up, how the groom goofs with the best man to shake off the nerves, how the bridesmaid entered the ceremony venue and how she really look like when she walked down the aisle. With a wedding video on your possession, you can finally experience your own wedding on full attention, anytime you want, and at the very comfort of your own home.

  3. Hear everything all over again. Well simply put, photos can’t carry sounds. This is something only a video can provide. Again hear the way you exchanged your vows and hear that catch in your father’s voice as he imparts advises during a toast. And how about the dances? Surely you want to hear the songs played on your first dance and the song that the DJ played that made the crowd go crazy.

  4. Share it to the world. Since you probably were not able to invite half of your friends on your wedding day, use the power of social media to share this special day with them. Ask your photographer to provide you a 3-5 minute video highlights that you can share online.

  5. Because this is not a job meant for cousin Jess or Uncle Tom. So you might agree that having a wedding video is really a must. But you will also argue that you can always depend on your relatives and friends to take your video. Maybe generous Uncle Tom has recently purchased a video camera just for this occasion; he’ll be your official videographer then. Problem solved, right? WRONG! Getting a friend or a relative who is too emotionally attached to the wedding will compromise his job to cover every moment as it happens. Since he or she is still technically a guest, he or she will still mingle with the guests from time to time, eat whenever the food is served and dance with crowd when the DJ plays a good music. During this time, he or she will be too distracted to remember what he or she is meant to do – video the whole wedding.

  6. Professional expertise. A wedding photographer did not venture into this business without proper knowledge and training. He can guarantee that you will be treated professionally at all times; answering all your queries, presenting portfolios, allowing you to check his credentials, and providing a competitive package and rate. They also have the ability to remain unobtrusive to make sure they are not getting in anyone’s way while on the job.

  7. Quality. Quality. Quality. With a special occasion like this, never ever sacrifice quality. Only get professional videographer who has the right training and equipment to transform this one-day milestone into something breathtaking and vivid. They will also provide multiple cameras so you get to see the event from different perspectives.

  8. People don’t live forever. This is a sad truth in our lives. Apart from photos, you will be able to relieve memories with your loved ones who have passed on with your wedding video. Get to see how they once dance, laugh and enjoy this special day with you.

  9. A gift to pass on your children and grandchildren. With proper care and storage, you get something that never fades in time. This is a very special day that you would want to share with your children and their children afterwards.

  10. No regrets. Majority of the couples who cut cost on their wedding by not hiring a videographer admit that they regret this decision. You have already spent a small fortune to make this wedding perfect; for sure you would want to have something to remember this day. Don’t live in regrets and start looking for a wedding videographer now.