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Wedding Videography Services In Singapore

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Wedding Videography Services In Singapore

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Weddings are one, if not the, most important days in our lives and we leave no stone unturned to make it a beautiful experience. We get the best venues, we get the best food, we put so much time and care into planning a perfect wedding and it can be a very difficult job to do as well. And when we have pulled it off efficiently, we feel proud – not only of the wedding but also of all the people who put their minds and bodies into making this happen, and we are also proud of our partner with whom we are going to be spending the rest of our life with. And because we have put so much effort, time, patience and love into our weddings, we have to be able to relive those moments whenever we want in our lives to keep that spark alive, and to experience it at all points in our lives.

But you should look no further because we are here to help solve this problem of yours! We, at True Love Stories, care about nothing more than your wedding and will devote ourselves completely to make sure that your wedding video turns out to be as beautiful as you had imagined it would be, if not more! We understand that planning a wedding is a mammoth task in itself and so you should not have to worry about the wedding video that you will get on top of that. We take all the headache for you and promise to deliver the best wedding video at the best prices and in the promised time.

We have many years of experience in the wedding videography industry and our team has been providing high quality professional services to Singapore couples since a long time and our customers are always left satisfied with the final product.

Some people wonder if there is a need for a videographer when you already have a photographer, and Uncle Bob already has a video camera and he can record good enough. But you should think how beautiful it will look when you see yourself saying I do all over again. The thrill and the spark that you will feel at that moment, years into your marriage, will do wonders and you will have nothing to regret. Also, as brides and grooms, you are sure to miss a lot of the fun in the wedding and why won’t you want a chance to be able to get a glimpse into the fun that you missed while you were busy dreaming about your partner? Do not think of it as an added expense, but think of it as a chance to capture the magical moments of the most important day of your life and be able to relive it all you want in the future. Trust us, there is nothing more beautiful than your wedding and you should be able to look back and feel the thrill in your hearts once again.

We promise to deliver the fully edited high quality wedding video in 10 days at maximum otherwise we will refund the whole money. We understand that couples want their wedding videos as soon as possible as they wish to relive those enchanting moments at the earliest, and as such we have kept this money back guarantee if we fail to stand up to our commitment to deliver a beautifully crafted wedding video specially designed for you in 10 days.

Also, as we have already mentioned, we understand that wedding planning is a gargantuan task and is already very stressful and so we have done our best to make booking us a fairly simple task and strive to provide you with a fuss-free experience to ensure that your wedding remains a pleasant adventure for you.

We also provide a gatecrash album since many of our customers want to experience the wedding highlights during the wedding banquet, at a very low price and just about 4 hours of post production time. This video coverage includes the time from when the groom arrives at the bride’s home and till the gatecrash when the groom kisses the bride.

And we have also decided to go eco-friendly and as a result, we deliver all the videos in .h264 encoding (in mp4 format and high definition) on a secured online server from where you can download it conveniently and store it without any loss of quality.

We also know that it is your wedding and you might wish to provide some specific guidelines for us to follow, and as such we allow you to perform various choices such as the music which you want for the video and we keep a constant communication with you to ensure that our final deliverable satisfies you.

However, as we realise that you might be busy in the wedding planning, no meet-up is required with us before you book us and we encourage you to visit our portfolio to see the works that we have done. But if you do need some clarification or wish to discuss anything, we would be more than happy to give you a candid phone call and talk to you.

Welcome to True Love Stories – we will make your wedding a fairy-tale come true!